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Clinical Nursing

Home, Hope & Healing provides RN, LPN, CNA and PSS services in client homes, schools and job sites statewide. How do you know if your loved one qualifies for services? Determining this can be difficult. Allow us to guide you to the appropriate channels by giving us a call.

We receive referrals from family, clients, MD offices, hospitals, schools other agencies and community support organizations. It is not uncommon for us to transition clients directly from NICU, ICU and PICU to their homes.

Real Examples of Maine families

Child with new feeding tube and increase in seizure activity

My husband and I have cared for our son with CP and a seizure disorder for over 10 years. His condition is getting more complicated with the addition of a gastric feeding tube and an increase in his seizures we feel we need help. How do we find out what is available to us and how do we get him qualified for these services? We are feeling a little guilty, we should be able to care for our son, but with these new clinical concerns we feel we are unable to manage these additional care needs without support.

Twenty-six-week old preemie coming home on a ventilator

Our child was born early and has been in the NICU for 6 months. The staff at the NICU are talking to us about taking our child home. Our child has a tracheostomy tube, gastric tube and is on a ventilator. We have other children at home and are apprehensive on how we can safely manage this care at home plus all of our other responsibilities. Your hospital and NICU staff will make a referral for skilled care services upon discharge, but the planning and preparation begins when the referral call is made. Discharge planning meetings will be held with the providers that will be needed when your child comes home. These meetings will ID service needs and will appropriately be put into place prior to discharge.

Service request for an advanced ALS client

My husband was diagnosed with ALS several years ago. His condition continues to decline to the point that he now requires respiratory support and is no longer able to eat on his own. He has a gastric tube and is on a ventilator at night and when he is ill. He requires assistance with all ADLs (activities such as bathing, dressing, repositioning, transferring, etc.) He requires 24//7 feedings and multiple medication administrations throughout the day and night. Are there services that can meet these extensive needs outside of a hospital? Yes. 24/7 nursing may be available through MaineCare and/or some insurance companies.

Home, Hope & Healing Services can be reimbursed through:

  • MaineCare
  • Anthem, Aetna, CIGNA, VA, Tricare, CareCentrix and other private insurers
  • Private Pay