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1:1 Support by RN/LPN in Schools

Home, Hope & Healing provides nursing in schools throughout the state of Maine to children with medical issues. Due to the complexity or intensity of the care needs, the school nurse can often not meet these needs. Our nursing staff makes it possible for these children to safely attend school, interact with their peers and get the education they deserve. We provide the following services in the school:

  • When needed accompany child on school transportation to assure care is available during the commute to school.
  • Administer medications and treatments required within the plan of care.
  • Coordinate care needs with school nurse and care needs outlined in the IEP.
  • Agency representative will attend IEP if the parents and/or school requests our presence.
  • In many cases our nurses care for the child in both the home and the school so there is a smooth transition from school to home.

These services may be reimbursed through MaineCare's PDN program. In some cases, the school may directly contract with our agency to provide the medical care identified on the IEP.

Services may be provided through the regular sessions and often during summer sessions.