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Supervised Family Visitation Services

Supervised Family Visitation Services are for children and their families who are seeking a safe and supportive environment to be able to re-build their relationship. Services are offered in office-based, home-based, and/or community-based settings.

Support is provided to both the children and their families in ways to foster growth, trust and the necessary skills needed to build healthy and successful reunifications.

Services and support can come in the form of providing additional resources for ages and stages of development, parenting education, behavior management skills, and helpful information regarding mental health/behavioral health diagnosis and needs.

Referrals come from the Department of Mental and Human Services (DHHS), the court system, mental health providers or may be self-referred. Payment for this service is self-pay or DHHS reimbursed.

For more information regarding Supervised Family Visitation Services, please use the Secure "Contact Us" Form or call the main office at 207-362-5252.